All About The Butterflies

While most flying insects are considered pests by everyone, many people wouldn’t mind seeing more butterflies fluttering around their gardens and outdoor living spaces.

Did you know you can do something about it? There are multiple ways to attract a variety of butterflies to your property, which in turn can help different species survive.

Mind the milkweed: If you’re looking to attract butterflies, especially monarch butterflies, let your milkweed grow in your landscape and make an effort not to eliminate it. Particular species, like monarchs, will only lay their eggs among milkweed. In addition, it is the only type of food some caterpillars will feast on. You can even plant your own native milkweed if you’re really looking to draw butterflies to your property.

Play favorites: There are many plants that are proven to be favorites of butterflies in different stages of life. Caterpillars

are known to favor violets and asters, and mature butterflies are drawn to plants with plenty of nectar, such as cone flowers as well as asters yet again. Other favorite plants include zin

nia, daylilies, lilacs, holyhocks, as well as many other native plants.

Create a space for some R&R: Butterflies like to rest in sunny places and they also like to drink water from sandy or muddy areas. Besides placing rocks in full sun locations, butterfly water feeders can be purchased to entice the flutterers as well.

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