Dormant Pruning: What Is Is and Why Your Plants Need It

As we approach spring, we also approach the best time to dormant prune your trees, shrubs, and perennial flowers. We’re here to help you understand what it is and how to help your plants and trees.
Dormant pruning involves pruning plants and trees when they

                            a lilac shrub newly pruned
are still in their dormancy period, free of leaves and other fruit. This type of pruning is often overlooked, but is a very beneficial step in taking care of your landscape. Dormant pruning helps keep your plants as strong and healthy as they can be, and maintaining them through pruning will strengthen them for the coming season of growth and production.
This time of year is also best to see the growth patterns of the your plants, as they have dropped their leaves. This allows skilled, professional contractors like our team members at ABLC to better assess what pruning needs to be done.
Generally speaking, most shrubs may be severely pruned at this time. This does not harm the plant, in fact, quite the opposite- This act of taking off large amounts of old growth help rejuvenate your shrubs and trees.

When the spring growing season starts, the hormones stored in the root structure react to the severe pruning. The nutrients are redirected to the small amount of the plant left behind. This causes new buds, and new growth to form, all to the benefit of the plant.

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