Drip Lines and How To Find Them

It’s five o’clock- do you know where your trees’ drip lines are?

Don’t worry, thankfully a tree’s drip line can always be found in the same place. The drip line can be found by locating the widest reaching branches all around your tree. This is the furthest point where water will drip off.

Why is a drip line important? A tree’s drip line is approximately the same size as the tree’s root zone, where both growing and mature roots are pulling nutrients and moisture from the surrounding ground and soil.

Any fertilizing, mulching, and watering should be done from the trunk of a tree to its drip line all the way around the tree in order to ensure the tree is receiving the proper care. Especially during this dry fall season, make sure you’re watering your trees to their drip lines, paying special attention to newly planted or transplanted trees.

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