Prepping Your Planters For Winter

Do I really need to empty my planters now? Can’t I wait until spring?

We’ve heard these questions before, and here is our answer: It’s time to clean up your planters and pots if you wish to protect them.

If you leave your expired plants and used dirt in your planter until next spring, you’re leaving your planters very vulnerable during our winter conditions, which will most likely end in cracked pots due to the repeated freezing and thawing of our winters.

Secondly, in not cleaning out your pots now, you are only putting off the inevitable of emptying and preparation of your planters in the spring. At that point, the soil in your planter will be rock hard and much more difficult to work with.

So instead, think of it as a little fall cleaning- dump your planters now or soon!

The how-to: Pull out the plant material and root balls. If you choose to keep the remaining soil, break it up until it is pulverized.

In the spring, add new potting mix and mushroom compost. Use 2/3 new mix to 1/3 used soil. You are now ready to start again!