Winterize Your Yard

As our temperatures here continue to fall, remember to get your yard and yard tools ready for winter!

Unhook Your Hoses: Hoses that remained attached in freezing temps
can cause damage to spigots and hoses themselves.

Rake up those leaves: Leaf litter can harbor diseases and insects that can attack your gardens. An abundance of leaves on your lawn can hurt your turf.

Make the final cut: Think about you final cutting of your lawn. Cut it a little shorter, at 2 to 2.5 inches high. Tall grass that lays on itself over the winter is a harbinger for lawn diseases like snow mold.

Give your mower some TLC: Put your mower away correctly. Add some fuel stabilizer in the gas tank or run it dry. Take your mower in to be serviced, cleaned and blades sharpened if you’d like.

Prune those plants: Think about dormant pruning. This type of pruning offers many benefits to your gardens.

Need more help as you prep for winter? Contact our office for more help and how-to’s. Reach us by phone at 630-365-3210 or online on Facebook or through our website at