Summertime, Rainfall, & When to Water Your Plants

School is out and the temps are rising… whether or not the calendar says its official or not, Summer is just about here!

But with those increasing temperatures, hot sunshine, and the occasional storm, we find our customers often seeking advice in regards to watering their landscape- How do you know how much water to give them? If it just rained yesterday do they need watering today? Was that quick rain shower enough?

So here is what we tell our customers in an attempt to make it as simple as possible to ensure their gardens and trees are getting the proper amount of water and at the appropriate times.

How do you know if you’re plants need water? 
It is actually pretty easy to figure this one out! Just get ready to get your hands a little dirty.

Harvey assessing the moisture level in a customer’s soil.

The easiest way to decide if your plants need water is to check the soil at the plant base. Scrape back any mulch and place your finger into the soil an inch or so. Is it moist? If it is, then your plant does not need to be watered.

If it is dry and if you cannot easily shape the dirt in your hand, proceed to watering. Soil around almost all plants should never be “bone dry.”

Purchasing and using a rain gauge in your yard is another way to get a good idea of how much rain your gardens are getting, but we still recommend checking the soil around your plants for the most accurate assessment.

Use these guides for watering times, giving first attention to newer planted plants:

Shrubs and trees: Water with the nozzle off of the hose at the base of the shrub for 2-3 minutes.

Perennials: Water perennials with the nozzle on the hose, protecting the blooms. Compared to shrubs, perennials have very small root balls, which means they will need to be checked and /or possibly watered more often. Water for 1 – 2 minutes.

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